The present website has been  made  with the expectation that it will be used as a basis  for a productive  scientific ,  and creative free problematization about the environmental and social matters.  My last thirty years of my professional and academic carrier,  helped me  to  arrive at a basic conclusion, that the complex environmental problems  need an   interdisciplinary approach, which  is absolutely necessary for an effective confrontation.

In my long scientific effort  and quest,  my collaborators and my students have played significant role  In  the understanding of  the complexity of the environmental problems, and the  dire necessity for a interdisciplinary   approach  , the research work that I have conducted with my collaborators and  the  teaching of my  students, played a key role.

I consider very important my origin and my birthplace  where I dreamed during my childhood,  and I shared my time  between Patras and Kalavrouzas  a small village which  is the root of my origin, located in the region of Nafpaktias, belonging to  prefecture of Aitoloakarnanias.

As my professor and poet Dr  Soterios P. Varnavas has written in his  poem  “Merciless Woodcuting”

Roots  in the  rock’s  cavity

Nourished new leaves

From the poetic collectionSoundletters” Gabrielidis publication (2008)

                                                       May 2012

Dr. Ioannis K.Kalavrouziotis